Dr. Bassapanavar - Author


“This science has a logic and supportive evidence that is undeniable. I personally feel that it is very important to utilize GODDS DMIT data and conclusions to the further development of an individual as a successful person in future.”


Mr. Ananthesh – Businessman


“My child was quite stressed and becoming quieter due to the burden of class assignments and we were worried about his daily activities. We are thankful to GODDS – after our family’s DMIT analyses, we were able to relieve to a lot of stress and my son stated going about his daily activities with a lot more enthusiasm and fun.”


Mr. Aakarsh Shamnur – Architecture Student


“GODDS DMIT is good for everyone since it shows one’s personality and guides people about their strengths, weaknesses and identifies precise areas for improvement. I further benefited from the great counseling GODDS include.”


Mrs. Smita Shashi - Former Head of Jumbo Kids Centre, Teacher


“GODDS DMIT analysis has a unique concept to identify inborn talent and hidden intelligence in a human being through the medium of finger prints. Students and individuals can find ‘the perfect’ direction of their lives and careers through it. We recommend all aspiring individuals and parents undergo GODDS DMIT analysis.”


Mr. Ajay Nagaotkar – Counselor & HR Consultant


The fingerprint scan for ‘Multiple Intelligence’ assessment tells us about our son’s special skills. We’ve learned how to teach him and how we can help him learn. If parents and teachers know a child’s strengths and weaknesses, they will know which is the best method to teach or guide him , i.e. what particular ability they can encourage further, so that the child can grow up to be a good and capable person.


Ashwini Shastry – System Engineer


I’m just amazed by the 100% accurate report that I received after the DMIT analysis. It’s is very unique concept, which identifies the inborn talent of any person. The report said I would not be enjoying my IT work and that was right. Without much hassle, this definitely helps the person to choose the right career option.  The earlier the better.


I would personally recommend this to every individual, without a second thought.


Vincent Dsouza – Project Lead


When I heard about the DMIT Concept, I was very excited to know my inborn skills, and after the amazing counseling done by the GODDS Team, I was surprise to see that 95% of the report was accurate, Has I had the privilege to do it at an early age, no doubt I would have been very successful. I would recommend everyone to do the DMIT Report, irrespective of your age.


I must say, it would definitely help you in 3 ways, Professionally, Personally and Socially.


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